Howdy Neighbor

Monday’s are my day off at Wellspring.  I usually find myself on the couch (w/ my wife Samantha) Monday mornings sipping on Starbucks coffee and sinking my teeth into a warm, sugar infested, calorie loaded cinnamon roll.  However, this Monday I found myself waking up early, of all things and decided that I would start my day with a prayer run. 

This run was not going to be the ordinary run, but a run where I wanted to focus my heart and mind on the things that I want to see God do in my life for His Kingdom. 

I ran my usual loop and pace, to my surprise; I ran it 3 minutes faster!  It had to be because of my intentions…. (I really don’t think so; it probably was b/c of the tail wind I had ) 

As I stepped back onto my drive-way, an overwhelming sense of compassion fell over me for my neighborhood.  I would bet that all of us, to some degree wish we had a greater vision, a greater love to encourage the people that live next door to us. 

However, because of work, school, family, sports, church, and entertainment, we quickly get consumed and disjointed about the great commission that Jesus gave to us.  He told us to love God and love thy neighbor.   And because of the outpouring of this love, we want to become and make disciples!

Hear me; there are people that live next door to you that need to be known.  They have a voice.  What is your neighborhood saying?  I have a family that lives kiddy corner to us and both their boys are slowly dying of a rare disease.  How do you bring hope to a family that is experiencing such turmoil?  Jesus says that everyone needs to know the compassion of our Father who is in Heaven. 

 Are you, are we paying attention to the needs of the people that live next to us?


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