This morning marked the Kraai’s first ever yard sale, oh yeah!  As I was assisting my wife with the final details, a friendly neighbor stopped by to say hi.  I could see the look in his eyes that something wasn’t right as we greeted one another and then he said something I will never forget.

He began to share with me that his step son had moved back into the house.  I gently asked him if there was any particular reason.  He then explained the situation in full.  To sum it up, months ago, this son had been living in the area and was arrested for substance possession.  The judge gave him a HEAVY break and explained the situation as a “hiccup” on the road of life.  Two months later the same thing happened and found him in jail on the east side of the state.  The “real” father had enough, bought him a bus ticket and sent him back to Hudsonville.

I asked myself after he left, does our Father in Heaven (the ultimate judge) look at something like this as a “hiccup”? The judge granted this young man a pardon only to have his graciousness abused.  Does this illustration reflect the way we abuse the grace of God?  We keep sinning assuming the judge will continue to pardon us…

Does the blood of Jesus justify these kinds of “hiccups”?  If so, for how long?

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